Steve Blevins

Early Life

Steve Blevins Musician (born May 10, 1965 in Ypsilanti, Michigan), is the son of McArthur Blevins and Venus Coy Wheelock. Steve’s father was a notable musician in the East Tennessee area and played guitar with Chuck Berry as a hired gun and was recruited by Archie Campbell at the age of 13 to go to Nashville. Steve hails from a family of musicians that originated in the mountains of East Tennessee, his great uncle Tank Blevins was a notable country blues guitarist in 1930’s that played the road houses and the downtown square of Little Chicago Johnson City along side blues great Clarence Greene and Blind Lemon Jefferson. Steve is also a cousin to the great Hank Garland that played guitar for Elvis Presley. Steve’s father lived in Johnson City, Tennessee as a producer and recording engineer where Steve experienced recording sessions with in his fathers recording facility Lighthouse Studio’s and label Newbirth Records. During the early 70’s, Steve would roadie for his father setting up his steel guitar for many country and gospel artist. 1974, Steve became a drummer with his fathers Pentecostal worship band that was an A list of professional musicians that took Steve under their wing and introduced live stage experience at the age of nine. During 1977, Steve discovered rock and roll, Kiss was the first influence along with blues and country artist like Jimi hendrix, BB King, Muddy Waters, Albert King, Jerry Reed, Buddy Rich and Hank Williams Sr. Early influences also included the Beatles and The Monkeys 1983, Steve and long time friend Bobby Ward founded a heavy rock band called Damage Inc that covered 80s metal.

Professional Career

After several years of playing in local Rock and Metal bands, Steve was offered a job as guitarist to go on the road with a touring group called the Strangers. The band enlisted Keyboardist Penn Edwards, of Avatar, Drummer Terry Baker, of Janie Fricke and Bassist Vic “Danger” Simon, of Harry Belafonte. The Strangers toured from 1988 to 1990 through East SRO, Coast Entertainment and Atlanta Talent. During this time, Steve would build his craft as a professional guitarist/vocalist touring the east coast. 1990, Steve joined “The Lover Band” fronted by Henry Linguard, an original drummer and vocalist for the 70s soul band Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose,until 1991. The band played the east coast and southern chitlin circuit. 1992, Steve Joined “JJ Star” SRO Productions #1 touring act on rotation for 3 years. The band was voted favorite act by the generals at Fort Bragg, for the annual Thanksgiving, Christmas and Returning Troops party during the Iraq War where they acquired a letter of recommendation by several 4 star generals. The band enlisted drummer/vocalist Chocolate Chip of Reno, vocalist Rick Ramos of Mega Stars and keyboardist Sue Montgomery. Steve left JJ Star during 1994 to start a band called the “Blueflames” a tribute to Jimi Hendrix. The band played one season in Myrtle Beach before returning to Tennessee. 1995 Steve filled in on guitar for the band Quest, who’s guitarist was injured. After a show in Greenville Missisippi, Steve was offered a job playing guitar for Clarence Carter by a friend who had joined as a bassist. Clarence was on the BB King tour. Steve declined the offer because of needed time off and returned to Tennessee. 1996 Steve was involved in three different bands, SoulDog that enlisted drummer Gregg Black and bassist Denny Kopp. The band recorded demo’s at Newbirth Studio’s and supported Jackyl as an opening act. During that time, the bassist of Jackyl Tom Bettini, recruited Steve as lead vocalist/guitarist to record a studio album for the band Soupline Man [3]. The group played several shows and supported Rick Derringer as an opening act. Soupline Man recorded a concert for live video and was shelved along with the album never to be officially released after being turned down by Sony Records A&R John Kalodner at a showcase meeting in Los Angeles. Steve left the band after having musical differences with the members. Soupline Man enlisted drummer Mark Gauge and Mitch O’Neill on guitar and a small horn section. Soupline Man was one of the side projects from the band Jackyl during 1996 that included Captain Virgil  and Foot Fetish. 1998 The Blueflames was reformed with Soupline Man drummer Mark Gauge and bassist John Pritchett and played a handful of shows, the band was short lived. During 1998 Steve toured for his first time as a drummer for the band Shayne.

S.A.B | In November

March 13, 2007 Steve Blevins began tracking demos with help of Cakewalk Sonar A&R Jimmy Landry providing new studio software as an artist. Cakewalk  featured the band as SoulDog, that enlisted keyboardist Reese Wynans of Stevie Ray Vaughan bassist Vic “Danger” Simon, of Harry Belafonte and Nashville session drummer Peter Young. Steve had planned on creating the CD by sending wave files over the internet only using home studios instead of tracking in Nashville. Budgets could not be arranged in time and the sessions were put on hold because of members touring schedule and funding. Steve continued to work on his own at Newbirth Studios, until 2013 when demos were complete. Ty Tabor guitarist of Kings X was recruited for mastering the final mix January 8, 2014 at Alien Bean studios in Katy Texas. S.A.B In November, was released on Steve’s father’s birthday January 13, 2014. Steve was the only musician and vocalist on the album besides Nashville session drummer Peter Young.


2005 Steve Blevins endorsed Zion Guitar Technology. A custom handcrafted Zion Radicastor red frosted marble with Serial number SAB001 was created for Steve. The guitar featured an ebony fret board, Stainless Steel frets, locking tuners, hard c shape neck and EMG pickups. The body was basswood with a maple top. In 2008 Zion designed a new guitar SAB002 for Steve that included the Classic body Alpine white with ebony fret board that is called the Zion Classic Reverse.  The body was a hard-tail with a Wilkinson bridge, hot rails pickups and 5 way switch. The guitar was a first of it’s kind because of the reverse head stock, single volume knob and hot rail pickup design.

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