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Working with producer Bill McDermott

POSTED ON November 19th  - POSTED IN News

Had a great session at Omnisound Studio Nashville, Tennessee tracking music for a song I wrote and co- produced with Bill McDermott “I Believe”
for my new CD Critical Thinker. Check it out!

Alien Bean Studios

POSTED ON February 24th  - POSTED IN News
Alien Bean Studio

Ty Tabor

Ty Tabor of King’s X mixing in Alien Beans Studios. This is where my CD “In November” was mastered. I will be working working with Ty again on Critical Thinker.

Gregg Black Attack!

POSTED ON February 6th  - POSTED IN News
Gregg Black

Gregg Black

Reunited with old drummer Gregg Black! and will be auditioning bassist to join us to do some live shows and tracking for my next release “Critical Thinker” Gregg Played a role in some of my early demos. We played on the road through the same booking agency’s in different bands over the years and have been friends since the 80s. Good to be hooked up again! Lets rock!!!!!

Supporting Gibson/Cakewalk NAMM 2014 Nashville

POSTED ON July 17th  - POSTED IN News


I will be attending Summer NAMM today in Nashville, Tennessee and visiting Cakewalk, Gibson Guitars, Native Instruments, SKB, GHS Strings and others with friend and Sound Engineer Alan Prince, networking “for S.A.B In November”! I hope to see you there! Check out some of the above mentioned companies for some of the coolest gear on the planet!

Stuart Epps Reviews “In November” via Musicxray

POSTED ON May 27th  - POSTED IN News
Sturat Epps

Sturat Epps

I’m very happy that “In November” was reviewed by producer Stuart Epps. (From Wikipedia) “Since 1967, he has worked with many artists, including: Elton John, Led Zeppelin, Oasis, Twisted Sister, Bill Wyman,Kiki Dee, George Harrison, Robbie Williams, Mark Owen, Paul Weller, Cliff Richard, Bad Company, Barry White and Chris Rea. He has contributed to many records and has been associated with many popular hard rock records by such bands as Twisted Sister, Wishbone Ash, Bad Company, Vandenberg, The Firm, Jagged Edge UK and Shooting Star. Besides his work with Led Zeppelin, Epps has been involved in other projects with their guitarist Jimmy Page as well as on many occasions with Rolling Stone member Bill Wyman. He now dedicates his time to producing Independent artists and nurturing new talent.” I submitted the CD for review through Musicxray. I wanted to get some professional feedback and possible advice for future work. Stuart gave “In November” high ratings! he stated the CD was well produced and engineered and that it was a good Rock and Roll album with nice guitar hooks. He offered advice on some of the backing vocal harmonies where he stated they “sounded strange at times” lol.. but was all good. Stuart really liked Peter’s drums and sound on the CD and added that he would change nothing if he had produced the album and it was ready to be heard. His last statement of encouragement was, “get it out there for people to hear, Its good rocky stuff”. As you can imagine, I’m very pleased with his comments and appreciate his time for the review. My head has swollen quite a bit.

Steve Blevins

Steve Blevins – In November

POSTED ON January 13th  - POSTED IN News

In November

This release is two years in the making! I have written and composed several songs over the last 15 years and a few songs on (In November) are from that catalog. In the past I have worked with several musicians and Gregg Black on drums to get demos ready for production and changes. This release was a complete work of labor. It was recorded at Newbirth Studios in Jonesborough, Tennessee. The entire production was created with Cakewalk Sonar versions X1 X2 & X3. I would like to thank Cakewalk and Jimmy Landry for their support and friendship! It has made life easy engineering this album. This work was very personal to me, not only my first release as a solo artist, I Engineered, Produced, played every instrument and sang all vocals on the album. The title “S.A.B | In November” also has a very special and personal meaning of identity. The first part is not hard to figure out, basically the initials to my name and brand. My brother, two son’s and grandson also share the same initials. Strummer Abraham Blevins, was born November 8th 2013 and this album was named after him and dedicated to Strummer and my father McArthur Blevins. There were two other elements to this release. Nashville session drummer Peter Young, played all drums on the entire CD and was recorded in Studio 19 Nashville. He is an awesome musician and has shared the stage with many great artist over the years. Peter, was the perfect drummer for this project with his jazzy hooks he reminded me of Anton Fig of the David Letterman Band/ Ace Frehley. Peter did work with some of the old demos that Gregg Black played on and added his own style. I’m very happy with the result! Ty Tabor of King’s X mastered the CD at Alien Bean Studio’s in Katy, Texas. I’m very happy with Ty’s mix and will hopefully work with him again very soon. The Album was released today January 13th 2014 on my fathers birthday through Newbirth Records. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it! You can purchase “In November” here.

Peace Love & Happiness
Steve Blevins

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